Thursday, May 21, 2009


What a week here in Salt Lake City ! The You Go Genealogy Girls drove to Salt Lake last Sunday and have been busy, busy all week at the Family History Library. Great fun and finding lots of good stuff on all the ancestors. I have been busy on the Swedish lines and having a great time with it. My eyes are about gone reading old Swedish writing on microfilm but it is so worth the effort. By day's end it is great to step outside and see the daylight after being sequestered in the library basement in the dark all day. They dim the lights in the reader area for film. I am anxious to get home and sort out all my findings. I found my husbands GGGrandparents and GGGGrandparents in the Swedish records. Family has been looking for them for 50 years or so. They have finally come to light and have names !

Today I worked on our Amish Mennonite connections and found some great information there also and will work more on them tomorrow. As long as the days are here in the library, they are not long enough to get all done !!!!!!!

I am anxious to share the experiences of researching with you in Part 3 of RESEARCHING MY SWEDISH GENEALOGY next week after I return to Nebraska.

Join us on "The You Go Genealogy Girls" blog for daily fun updates. Enjoy the pic I am putting on my blog tonight of the beautiful garden wall at the Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

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