Thursday, January 6, 2011


Those Old Memories has a new look for 2011. My new header features photos of my Mom and Dad, Freddie and Irene Coleman and also reflects some of their personal interests. They grew up, married an raised their children in Alliance, Nebraska and as they are the inspiration for many of my stories, I felt that they deserved a prominent location at the top of my blog. My Dad loved to tell stories and held a wealth of knowledge about his family and ancestors and Mom loved nothing better than to learn about her ancestors and to pass along to her children the facts about her family that she knew about.She was proud of the genealogists in her family and loved hearing of new finds! Without their great interest in family and the historical heritage they passed forward, my life and that of my family would not be nearly as interesting nor filled with so much love.

The year 2011 will feature many of "those old memories" and photos from both my family and that of my husband's ancestors. He has been bitten by the blog bug so will occasionally write stories about his family and memories and I will feature those here on my blog site. We look forward to sharing with you all as we start the new year with a new look.

Cheri and Geoffrey Hopkins


  1. Love the new header and background.

  2. It's beautiful - I like how the lettering in the header echo the colors in the background.

  3. Hi I really like your blog. I am giving you the Ancestor Approved Award. Please vist my blog for the award and info at
    keep up the great stories!

  4. I really like the header of your blog.