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Fearless Females: Marriage Records of Pearl and Chet Moore

Page from funeral book of Pearl Moore Zehrung

Framed wedding scroll of O.C. Moore and Pearl Zehrung

MOORE FAMILY: Oswin, Pearl, and daughter Stella, 1907
The date was November 23, 1905. Oswin Chester Moore and Pearl Mae Zehrung were united in marriage in Alliance, Nebraska. Grandma and Grandpa Moore left behind them a rich legacy as to strong family ties but little is known about the day of their marriage. They were probably married in the parsonage as was the practice many times during that time frame. We also do not have an actual known wedding picture of our Grandparents but the one with their baby daughter Stella Moore would have been taken just a couple years later so it is the closest to a wedding photo that we have.

The beautiful 18 x 24 framed wedding scroll is the only real paper evidence. It hangs on the wall in my living room and I  value it as one of my most valuable possessions.  In all the family records I have, I do not have their official record from the court house for some reason so that is one that I must go find. This prompt did serve a purpose to alert me to the fact that the record was not in my papers or on the computer so it is another thing to add to the "to do list".

Grandma Pearl was really a home maker and Mother to three girls and did not have a lot of outside interests beyond her family. She was a wonderful cook who passed that passion down to her girls and their children. She was a life long member of the Royal Neighbors and the Methodist Church and her interest in the Royal Neighbors organization also passed along to her three children who maintained a standing with the Royal Neighbors and one who actively worked with them for years as a book keeper and group promoter. Grandma and Grandpa liked to attend area dances during the early years of Alliance and they enjoyed playing cards with close friends.

I was less than a year old when Grandma Pearl passed away at the age of sixty-six in the year 1953. She was a hard worker and devoted the last years of her life to taking care of Grandpa when he became ill, eventually bedridden and he then passed away a short time before her.

Wonderful pictures, heirlooms and stories of Grandma have survived so those things have helped to bring her to life for me and I proudly carry many of her characteristics and especially her looks!  Attending to her final resting place has been my privilege since I was a small girl.

In memory of Pearl Mae Zehrung Moore

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  1. What a lovely photo of your grandparents with their baby! Those old photos are priceless, aren't they?