Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Are you related to William F. Cody, "Buffalo Bill"- or just interested in the study of his life? Great new announcement will make a vast amount of his historical records available to the public soon.

My family and I have visited the BUFFALO BILL HISTORICAL CENTER in Cody, Wyoming on two different occasions and have found it to be one of the best American West Museums available. You will never be disappointed if you plan your vacation or research trip to see this wonderful collection. Our boys were only 8 and 9 when we last visited but they both often talk about the great things they saw and learned about while there nearly 20 years ago. Our memories have carried us through the years and prompted my husband and I to plan another vacation there again this summer. This time our boys are now long gone from home so we will travel from Nebraska to Cody, Wyoming by motorcycle. We look forward to all new adventures on the trip and to finding great things to study once we get there.

A recent news release in March from the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming offers exciting news for the genealogist/family researcher. The center has raised over $300,000 from private donors, matching $300.000 from the Wyoming Legislature and an additional sizable grant from the Federal Government to help move forward the plans to bring the massive holdings of the museum into the digital age. "Buffalo Bill" Cody's personal correspondence, Wild West show records, photographs, and the rest of the McCracken Research Library holdings will all be digitized over the next 3-4 years. This will make available thousands of images for use through the Historical Center's website. They hope to finish within approximately 3 years, having added additional staff, and will offer the records free of charge. This is one of the largest holdings involving the life and history of William F. Cody.

The McCracken Research Library which is housed within the Buffalo Bill Historical Center is a wonderful place to spend some time doing research while also visiting the unparalleled exhibits of the Historical Center. Often it requires reservations to use the library for major research so be sure to contact them ahead if you plan a visit. The Center also houses 5 great museums: THE BUFFALO BILL MUSEUM, THE PLAINS INDIAN MUSEUM, THE WHITNEY GALLERY OF WESTERN ART, THE DRAPER MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY (of the Yellowstone Basin Area), and THE CODY FIREARM MUSEUM home to the "Winchester Collection" which is one of the premier firearms displays in the world.

At this time there are already hundreds of digitized photos and other ephemera already online at the Center's web site with more being added daily. Go online at the BUFFALO BILL HISTORICAL CENTER and spend some time looking at what they have to offer. There are wonderful photos and documents that reflect both "Buffalo Bill" the man- and our great American history.

Cody, Wyoming and the Buffalo Bill Historical Center lie just to the east of Yellowstone Park so if you plan a vacation to the area, be sure to include the Center in your vacation. It is a grand place for any historian/genealogist/researcher/or firearms collector, whether you visit in person or peruse their online digital collection.

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