Saturday, March 7, 2009

Life Looking Back

Here it is, March 2009 already. Today was a day of memories which included family and other loved ones who are now gone. Remembering the past is almost as important as looking to the future. Our past makes up part of who we are today. Those who have gone before us have left us with a most precious legacy. We should cherish it everyday going forward.

Today I remember My Dad, his birthday would have been coming up on March 9th. It is his legacy which has made me who I am more than any other. Love of family, love and respect for the natural world around us, and learning about history were all wonderful gifts given to me and his other children. How lucky we were to have had him.

My future blogs will include what I hope will be interesting facets of my family's life told from my precious memories. Growing up in a wonderful extended family, surrounded by fun and love. I will include photos, stories, traveling, some scrapbooking and most importantly the genealogy and a lot of the history of an exceptional family. My love of family and it's genealogy will hopefully shine through. Some will be the good times and some the harder times but they all have contributed to who I and my family are.

Join me as I begin this journey. It will be a learning experience but I have the guidance of my wonderful sister-in-law who is herself a professional genealogist, to set me going down the right road. She has encouraged her daughter and me to start we are off and moving forward. Please visit their blogs at Genealogy Lines and Growing Up Genealogy.

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